About Us

“Fonsmet Materials Pvt. Ltd.” was established in 2019, with an aim to take a step towards meeting India’s growing industrial needs of specialized alloys, metals and chemicals for high tech applications especially for defense, medical and stainless steel sector. We are focused on strategic materials like Tungsten, molybdenum, titanium, copper, nickel and cobalt etc.

Fonsmet Materials Pvt ltd is and “Research & Development” driven organization headed by Mr. Adarsh N. Bhagat a metallurgical graduate from the elite institute “IIT Mumbai”. We have a team of highly experienced, qualified and ethical professionals from chemical and metallurgical engineering background, specifically dedicated for a strict monitoring of the productions to ensure products quality consistency that meets the international standards.

Our aim is to apply our knowledge and develop materials required for India’s industrial needs. Most of our products are the ones that are of strategic importance and are almost entirely imported due to the lack of raw materials availability in India. We at “Fonsmet Materials Pvt. Ltd”. have deep roots in foreign countries and ensured uninterrupted supply of raw materials (Ores, minerals & scrap). We process these ores with a green technology known as “Solvent Extraction” to produce high purity products. We also recover as many by products as possible thus minimizing wastage of natural resources.

The consumption of aluminum is 64.2 million metric tons while the consumption of copper is 24.4 million metric tons currently. Aluminum consumption is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.7% till 2030 while Copper consumption is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 7% till 2030. At this increasing rate and heavy consumptions the natural resources (Ore & concentrate) are getting depleted at a very faster rate. It is need of the hour to stop exploiting the natural resources and take a step towards aluminum, copper scrap recycling. We at Fonsmet Materials Pvt Ltd are dedicated towards recycling of aluminum and copper without exploiting any natural resources.

Fonsmet Materials Pvt Ltd feels socially responsible to take steps towards betterment of the people and environment. Our manufacturing activity will be generating employment opportunities for 70 personnel and wherever possible we give preference to the local villagers thus improving their social and economic status.  We conduct health camps on regular basis to take care of the health of employees as well as the local villagers. We donate a fixed amount of profit to NGO’s working towards educating the underprivileged student and providing all that is required for old age shelter homes.

Fonsmet Materials Pvt. Ltd. has an installed STP ETP thus no pollutants are coming out of the plant premises. We also have installed wet and alkali scrubbers along with bag filters to arrest all the particulate matter and release the clean air to the atmosphere through a stack of 30 mtr. Pollutions control measures are all taken and installed as per CPCB and MOEFCC guidelines. We are also developing a green belt area comprising 34% of the total plot area.  The tree selection is done as per statutory guidelines. The plants selected are fast growing and with a high capability to absorb the pollutants thus keeping the surrounding clean, fresh and cool.